20th Jun 2013

Lecturing the leadership

“Why Serbia Doesn't Have Enough Great Leaders”? The question which needs to be answered by the leaders who persisted and resisted to all the challenges, regarding the fact that Serbia was not so “loving mother” throughout the decade or two, when it comes to business opportunities. Miša Lukić, President of the Management Board of Leo Burnett, together with the special guest, psychotherapist and international lecturer Zoran Milivojević, shared their vision of leadership in Serbia, based on their extensive knowledge and a great wealth of experience.

Lecturing the leadership

At SMART Breakfast, AmCham members had an opportunity to consider whether we can live and work successfully without leadership skills.

Miša Lukić explained how the concept of leadership becomes an issue in Serbia, who are leaders and how a good system can create enough leaders (direct vs. indirect leaders). He emphasized the importance of a leadership chain: leaders – followers – the situation and roles of every individual in it, as well as the necessity of updating our “brain software”. One focus of his presentation was the difference between the mentality of great leaders and that of many Serbs, such as vision versus short-term thinking, the value of hard work, trust, time, a growth mindset vs. a fixed mindset. He also talked about the main characteristics of the true leader: vision, discipline and passion.

Special guest, Zoran Milivojević, psychotherapist and international lecturer, began from the opposite thesis: there are too much leaders. Key issues of his presentation were: the importance of belonging to groups, the difference between lower echelon and servile people in companies, respect and gratitude.