Vip #different stories

After two decades of hardship, Serbia became a country of negativity, lack of hope, and apathy. Media is overcrowded with bad news, political affairs and degrading tabloid stories. Internet is dominated by haters. Is this the only story in Serbia? Supported by Vip, a mobile operator with the offer of unlimited talks within whole community, we wanted to give those talks a higher purpose. We created #differentstories, an ongoing, conversation changing movement that empowers stories that lift up the spirit and bring back hope. We launched numerous true stories across all media, and sparked up different conversation on various levels.



They came on ice. They brought Carling. Cherry Carling.

Made in Britain. Served on ice.


Jelen Pivo

Guarding quality for two and a half centuries


Movement 65+

They gave us the best advice for life. They left us secret recipes for delicious cookies. They taught us how to wear a tie. They made our childhoods happier, so it’s time to give them something back and thank our grandmas and grandpas. Humanitarian movement 65+ for elderly care has arrived to make their lives easier.


Vip "Gym"

Sequel to Vip “Gold fish” TVC in which our two characters meet again. This time, our hero will learn important lesson when he is offered a special membership card in the gym. Find out why all that glitters is not gold…


Jelen Beer "Moving"

No matter where you live, moving from one apartment to another is never easy. People from all around the world find their own ways to make it as painless as it can be. Some use paid workers, some use technology, but in Serbia thing are a little bit different. Find out how moving can become a reason to spend time with your friends and even have a good time.


Vip Gold Fish

Sometimes things may look shiny, sparkly, glittery… But, all that glitters isn’t gold, or is it? Check out our new commercial for Vip mobile.


Jelen Beer “Serbian trumpet”

Not every trumpet player is a good one. Not every tune played on this brass instrument sounds appealing. But when you know the right time for playing the trumpet music, know how to do it and most important - where, it is easy to cheer up the atmosphere. Find out why the trumpet sounds better in Serbia.

“Stop searching for shortcut to heaven” Close

New Driving Tests

“Stop searching for shortcut to heaven”

In 2009, Serbian government announced the new system of driving training and testing. Three years later – the new system still doesn’t exist. Confidential driving tests leak to the public, resulting in young people only learning the leaked tests and not the entire range of traffic laws. We created an app with real accidents videos and let it leak as the “new driving tests for the new system”. Within 48 hours, Ministry of Interior announced that the new system starts on October 25th, and the site crashed temporarily due to used bandwidth.

Modernism, Postmodernism, CRACKERISM Close

Jaffa Crackerism

Modernism, Postmodernism, CRACKERISM

Did you noticed that people put various food on crackers and thus create tasty masterpieces? Yes! In every one of us there is an artist, waiting to be discovered. So, when briefed to launch a cracker, we invented a whole new art movement – Crackerism, giving people a chance to express their creative side of personality.  People of all ages and occupations were invited to “Get a cracker. Become a Crackerist”. The campaign celebrated all the Crackerists, and offered them a meeting place at the Crackerism website where they could share their Crackeristic masterpieces, all resulting in a big Crackeristic exhibition in a prominent art gallery.

Looking for some good stuff? Try in Djuice Good Stuff Industry Close

djuice Good Stuff Industry

Looking for some good stuff? Try in Djuice Good Stuff Industry

How to launch a youth operator in a country where mobile penetration rate is 200%? With Good Stuff Industry, off course. We invented a new kind of industry that produces excellent telco services tailored to young people, as well as some peculiar looking products which help young people use these services more efficiently. We strongly recommend you to visit the Good Stuff Industry and discover telco products such as Typo-Pecker, 4 People Pants, and the strange Mp3 Walker.

Hunger Strike Against Hunger Close

B92 Fondation

Hunger Strike Against Hunger

More than 500.000 people in Serbia are starving. Their lives are on an everyday test, but the public is not aware of that. Authorities know, but do not act. That is why we created The Hunger Strike against Hunger. We invited people to restrain from food on October 16th, The World Food Day, and show support for the hungry in Serbia. It was an act created to make Serbia aware of hunger problem, to wake up solidarity in people and to raise pressure through public opinion in order to ensure that those who can change this situation will start solving the problem. See why more than 600.000 people and over 350 companies joined the strike, resulting in over 2.000 tons of food donations, opening of new soup kitchens, and strong government action plans in order to attack and hopefully solve the hunger issue. Total campaign expense was 2.000 EUR.

The man with the answer – Guru Jafforidza Close


The man with the answer – Guru Jafforidza

When asked to launch Jaffo biscuits, we first launched a guru – Guru Ridza. The only man in the world who had one answer to every question. That answer is WHY NOT. He decided to start a quest for a sponsor who will help him spread his new philosophy. He started with a blog, a Facebook profile, a YouTube channel, and frequently he walked throughout the city spreading his philosophy among the people. When he became the talk of the town, Jaffo biscuits jumped in as “the official sponsor of Guru Ridza” who then changed his name to Jafforidza. To spread his “Why not” philosophy, he received a music video, a new bathrobe, and a website.

Jelen Beer “Secret ingredient” Close

Jelen Secret Ingredient

Jelen Beer “Secret ingredient”

Every good chef has its own recipe that transforms simple dish into a masterpiece. As we all know, one tiny ingredient can make a big difference and it is usually that little piece of the puzzle that makes one chef better than the other. Find out why Mile’s pork roast is the best in the world.

If life’s dear to you – don’t let the deer fail! Jelen Beer Sobriety Test App Close

Jelen Sobriety Test mobile app

If life’s dear to you – don’t let the deer fail! Jelen Beer Sobriety Test App

When drunk, one’s hands precision and reaction time lessen, and one cannot drive straight and stay on the road. We created a mobile app for Jelen Beer, which tests your sobriety by testing your ability to keep the deer (Jelen beer’s famous logo) on the winding road for 25 seconds. If you fail to pass the sobriety test, your mobile’s GPS will automatically find all available taxi companies near you and call a taxi to take you home safely.

Friends should always be together. In a pub. With a beer. 24/7 Close

Nikšićko Beer Sitcom

Friends should always be together. In a pub. With a beer. 24/7

Montenegrins spend a huge amount of time in bars, with friends. Practically, they LIVE in bars.

So, we got four friends, and decided to occupy the “bar territory”. Literally. We created the first Montenegrin sitcom – “Always among friends” about 4 friends LIVING in a bar. All campaign materials promoted the sitcom and life in bars - turning bars around the country into a home for their regulars.

The first round is on us! Niksicko Beer Close

Nikšićko Beer - The Biggest Round

The first round is on us! Niksicko Beer

How to launch the new Niskicko beer bottle? Niksicko beer is a beer for friends. In Montenegro, friends celebrate their successes and big news by buying a round of drinks for everyone! So, we decided to celebrate the new bottle with friends in a way friends in Montenegro celebrate big news: by buying everyone a round of drinks!

On June 2nd, in over 200 pubs, in one big synchronized activity, we treated the whole country.

Nothing is accidental in the universe! Telenor 333 Close

Telenor 333

Nothing is accidental in the universe! Telenor 333

Top up your account with exactly 333 dinars and you get 7 days of free talk and SMS.

We decided to make this number memorable! We built a wide scope mystery around the number 333, teasing and entertaining people, making them think of no more and no less than 333, after seeing it everywhere around. After all, there are no coincidences.

Reach out the hand and Click a Million! Close

Telenor Click a Million

Reach out the hand and Click a Million!

In order to launch Telenor mobile broadband in Serbia, we needed a helping hand. So, we used one. We used the Internet hand icon to raise awareness about our product, and organized an online contest where we inspired people, regardless of age and lifestyle, to explore where Telenor internet could take them. They could draw, paint, sculpt or direct… do anything interesting, but use the hand and stay online!