Vip Mobile - Prices the way they used to be Close

Aug 2014

Vip Mobile - Prices the way they used to be

All of us have rituals and habits that we always go back to. Places that we love to visit, restaurants we go to, cafés in which we meet with our friends. There are some things that we will never want to change. The only thing that changes, and we have no control of it, are the prices. That’s why in Vip, prices are the way they used to be.

Vip Mobile - Network Coverage Close

Jul 2014

Vip Mobile - Network Coverage

Is the coverage of Vip mobile’s network something that can be understood better through volleyball?

It certainly is, because when we say coverage we refer to support, team spirit, those moments when you know you’re not alone, and to those small things that mean a great deal.

That is why we cover for each other in every moment… and together we cover the entire court.

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Vip Summer Roaming Close

Jun 2014

Vip Summer Roaming

After so many summers, same beaches, same restaurants, maybe we have fallen into a routine. But, don`t forget that your summer depends on your decisions! With Vip mobile, summer can be a different story.

Nikšićko beer - The one and only Close

Jun 2014

Nikšićko beer - The one and only

Life is full of wonderful things, but there are only few that really matter to each and every one of us. They are common ground where we all meet. Those are the things that connect us and make us who we are; and that is something we toast for… with one and only, Nikšićko beer.


Jun 2014

See you all at Cannes Predictions!

Carling Cherry British Cider Close

Jun 2014

Carling Cherry British Cider

They came on ice. They brought Carling. Cherry Carling. Made in Britain. Served on ice.

Jelen Pivo Close

Jun 2014

Jelen Pivo

Guarding quality for two and a half centuries

Vip - #differentstories TVC Close

Mar 2014

Vip - #differentstories TVC

Basically, there are two kinds of people. The ones who hate and the ones who always look on a bright side of life. People who always hate something, always complain about everything, people who see bad things in every little detail, are not the same kind of people as we are - because we are from a different story. Both Vip Mobile and Leo Burnett believe that life is worth living and we tell stories worth hearing, stories that truly move people.